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Please copy and paste this Hunting Application into your e-mail editor.

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Hunters Helping Hunters Application

Your Name:
Mailing Address:
E-mail Address:
Phone numbers where we can reach you:

Are you considered an Indiana Resident: Yes or No
We strongly recommend you bring a helper:
Your helper's Name:
Do you use a wheelchair: Yes or NO
Is it motorized: Yes or NO
Do you need it to hunt in: Yes or NO
Please describe your disability:

Hunting Information and Experiences:

Have you hunted in the past: Yes or NO
Number of days that you typically hunt each year:
Have you hunted with a group like HHH in the past: Yes or No
If so, name of the group(s):
If selected for the hunt, what weapon will hunt with:
List any equipment we could provide to make your hunt more comfortable, enjoyable, or successful:



Brief description of your hunting experiences:


Dietary restrictions we need to know about:


Any other special needs we need to consider:


Thank you for applying to Hunters Helping Hunters.


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